Welcome to your eight week “Finding Balance” journey. I’m Peter Bliss and I’ll be guiding you through my approach to mindfulness using various practices and exercises. In this video I give a bit more background to how this program came about and my story, as well as what you should expect in this program.

Here's what to expect in more detail:

  • In your resources you will be given eight weeks worth of lessons and downloadable worksheets and guided audios to explore and experience.
  • With each week, you'll be given advice around different meditations and practices to complete.
  • Some weeks you’ll be exploring themes to help you find balance in yourself and work on the areas that matter to you most. Others will be focused around a regular practice.

How to get the most out of this program:

  • It’s important that you organise your time and schedule to fit in your practice. Without focus and commitment it will be difficult for you to reap the benefits of this program.
  • Be gentle on yourself. Don't have too many expectations, just take each week's instruction as it comes and let it unfold.
  • Make a note that all the sessions with meditations and practices will be displayed with an asterisk so when you're returning to previous weeks, you can easily locate where practice videos and audios are. Example: Belly breath meditation*

Next, I invite you to continue through your practice and activities for Week 1.

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